What do we do?

When you come to an NFOE event the first thing you will see is the living history camp. Our members stay in period correct tents, many of which house displays designed to give you a taste of the life and culture of mid eighteenth century North America.

As you move around the camp you will see our members in period clothing appropriate to their role including soldiers, civilians, natives and traders.

A gathering of natives

During the course of the day we carry out demonstrations of eighteenth century skills ranging from cooking authentic meals on an open fire to cleaning a Brown Bess Musket or historic carpentry.

A close shave from our surgeon.

We also conduct large displays for people to see. These include a ‘show and tell’ which will help you to learn about the historical period we reenact and the clothing and equipment of the eighteenth century soldier and skirmishes intended to help demonstrate the tactics of the period.

Living history isn’t limited to public events, we also conduct training on private land where we practice skills and share research. Our members also devote many hours to researching and accurately recreating clothing and personal items to improve their display.

Preparing to take the field.

If you enjoy the sound of any of this why not visit our ‘joining NFOE’ page and contact us to find out more.